How to become an ACARE Center:


Download the ACARE application form below. Please note that certified UCARE centers have premium access to becoming an ACARE and should therefore use the ACARE-UCARE application form. All other centers should use the ACARE application form.

Application Form ACARE

Application Form ACARE already UCARE

The application is received and confirmed by the ACARE office and then forwarded to the ACARE coordinator, who approves or declines the application. If approved, the ACARE office informs the applicant center that an audit visit will be scheduled. Applicants are encouraged to actively look for auditors. Any head and deputy of certified ACAREs can conduct the audit for your center. The ACARE office will provide both the applicant and the auditor with the documents needed for the audit. To do so, the center to be audited should let the ACARE office know the date on which the center will be audited and, if applicable, the name of the auditor.

  • ACARE audits are performed by ACARE leaders / deputy leaders and, when practical, an observer from HAEi.
  • In order to be reimbursed for travel costs, auditors must discuss projected expenses with the ACARE Office before the audit takes place.
  • ACARE audits are done face to face. In special cases, videoconferencing audits are possible, for example if the auditor had recently visited, in person, the applicant center. Audits conducted by videoconference must have prior approval from the ACARE office and ACARE steering committee (ASC).
  • Auditors will send the completed audit report together with an assessment of the applicant’s suitability for becoming an ACARE and a recommendation regarding certification, to the ACARE office.
  • The ACARE office shares the auditor’s recommendation with ACARE leadership, and seeks their concurrence. The results are conveyed to the audited center.
  • After being successfully audited, centers receive a certificate that is valid for two years, after that there will be a re-audit. The second re-audit will take place after three years. After that the audit intervals will be four years.
Your online audit - How to prepare for an online audit?
The process of becoming a member of ACARE involves an audit in which an auditor from a certified ACARE center will determine if and how your center meets the 32 ACARE criteria. You will find these criteria in the "audit report" in the general audit package that will be sent to each applicant.

Audits may be conducted by any head or deputy of a certified ACARE center, and, due to the current situation, we ask that the audit should take place via online conferencing.

In order to help the auditor to gain a deeper insight into your center than a normal online-audit would allow for, we ask that you send pre-prepared materials to the auditor before the audit takes place.

These materials should show how your center meets the 32 ACARE criteria and may include photos, certificates, and any other documents that you feel are appropriate to send to the auditor (please keep confidentiality laws in mind!).

Below you will find an example of such preparation by ACARE center, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, that we think is exemplary.

Example of preparation - Download:

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ACARE recommends remote auditing and re-auditing during the pandemic


The ACARE Steering Committee has successfully completed a pilot project to access remote audits. Based on the outcome of remote audits and re-audits performed, we recommend to use this approach during the time of the pandemic until further notice. It is also still possible to do audits face to face, but we acknowledge the need to keep all network members safe and to reduce the risk of infection, which is facilitated by remote auditing. When remote auditing is done, it is important for auditors and applicant ACAREs to communicate before the event and for applicant ACAREs to provide their auditor with as much information and documentation as possible, prior to the audit.

A video conference platform should be used for the audit and the UCARE office will be happy to help, if auditors or applicant ACAREs do not have access to such a platform. The ACARE office is ready to answer any questions on remote auditing that applicant centers may have.