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Date: 21st of March 2024

Time: 5.00-6.00 pm CET


Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer: Introduction and moderation

Dr. Stephen Betschel: Shared decision making in HAE

Dr. Noémi Bara: Effective communication between physician and patient

Marta Ferrer: LTP: How long is long term?

All faculty: Q&A


ACARE Make A Difference is an eleven-part webinar series with a primary focus on the diagnostic evaluation of patients experiencing recurrent angioedema, including those with hereditary angioedema (HAE), as well as the enhancement of therapy control and optimization. The overarching goal of this webinar series is to facilitate the provision of optimal therapy to all individuals afflicted with recurrent angioedema, particularly those affected by HAE, at the earliest possible stage.

Throughout the series, various topics are explored, including strategies to expedite the diagnosis process and reduce instances of misdiagnosis, methods for family screening in HAE patients, the implementation of closely monitored therapy control measures, and guidance on the continual refinement of therapeutic approaches.

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