View the recording of the webinar that took place on 25th March, which aimed to provide a greater understanding of the symptoms of HAE in different specialty settings in which an HAE patient may first present, and to highlight the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration in diagnosis and patient care.

Click here to view the full recording of the webinar, which took place on 25th March, 2021.

Individual presentations may also be viewed here:

HAE: A rare disease – an elusive diagnosisProfessor Markus Magerl, Germany
Diagnosing HAE in the ERDr. Anna Sala-Cunill, Spain
HAE in the paediatric patientDr. Christina Weber, Switzerland
HAE from the otolaryngologist’s perspectiveDr. Susanne Trainotti, Germany
HAE and gastroenterology, Professor Giuseppe Spadaro, Italy