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ACARE LevelUp: The ACARE physician information and education platform and program


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With the ACARE LevelUp program, an interactive, virtual, and comprehensive environment where healthcare professionals worldwide can learn, network, and share best clinical practices in angioedema will be created.

ACARE LevelUp will be launched in January 2023 and the first phase will run for 18 months until June 2024. The program will build on the foundation that the ACARE twin network UCARE has laid with it’s accomplished LevelUp 1.0 program, which has been a major success that surpassed all expectations.

The most qualified physicians from various disciplines including dermatology, allergology, specialists and treating physicians from around the world shared their knowledge and participated with enthusiasm.

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The goals of ACARE LevelUp are:

  • Update physicians on recent developments in angioedema
  • Provide advice on the diagnostic workup in angioedema, both bradykinin-mediated and mast cell mediator-driven
  • Establish a platform for interaction among treating physicians
  • Educate physicians on the differential diagnosis, comorbidities and consequences of RA
  • Improve the interaction of general practitioners and specialists
  • Build strategic therapeutic plans for patients
  • Improve the use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)
  • Streamline the patient journey to disease control
  • Educate physicians about the existence and work of the ACARE network and how to get in touch if needed

ACARE LevelUp will be guided by an international Steering Committee as well as an ACARE LevelUp Advisory Board.

ACARE has identified the need for the development and implementation of teaching and training formats for health care professionals, scientists and other members of pharmaceutical organisations focused on recurrent angioedema. Given the rapid development of our understanding of these diseases, fellows involved in the development of new treatment options need to be up to date on the latest therapies and emerging targets for novel and better treatment options. Currently, there is only a limited number of teaching and training programs on recurrent angioedema that address this need.

To change this, we have developed a series of regional specific preceptorships on recurrent angioedema that have taken place in Japan, China and Oman with more planned. Due to the pandemic causing these in person events to cease, we put the program forward in the form of a digital program called INTERACT. Digital events have shown their value, but we see the need to have these preceptorships face to face again. The two-day program on the pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, burden and impact, prevalence, diagnostic work up, PROMs and management of recurrent angioedema are catered towards the need of fellows involved in the development of new treatment options and their positioning in clinical practice.

We have found that there is a need for preceptorships in subcontinental Asia, the Arabian gulf, and other Growth & Emerging Markets. The first proposed preceptorship would be held in Chandigar, India at the Advanced Pediatrics centre, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. The preceptorship will be held with the help of Dr. Ankur Jindal and his colleagues from this hospital.

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With this program we reached out to our members and other physicians who treat patients with recurrent angioedema (RA) with a series of region-specific, web-based educational training programs focusing on the differential diagnosis, diagnostic work-up and treatment of RA.

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The series is focused on the diagnostic work-up in patients with recurrent angioedema, including hereditary angioedema (HAE), therapy control and optimization and is a direct follow-up to our successful “The Power of Prophylaxis” program.

The overall aim is to help provide the optimal therapy to all patients with recurrent angioedema as early as possible, especially patients with HAE. This webinar is intended for healthcare professionals outside of the USA.

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The overall aim of this webinar series was to make colleagues aware of the burden that is linked to hereditary angioedema and the need for patients to control their disease. We have reviewed the aims of treatment of hereditary angioedema and how to use patient-reported outcome measures to make sure that the aims are achieved. Primarily, we focussed on modern treatment options and how they provide control of hereditary angioedema.

Our still ongoing series Make a Difference is the successor of this series.

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