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If you want to improve the collaboration with your patients to better control their HAE, we recommend that you advise your patients to use the new HAE TrackR app. Developed by fellow HAE patients at HAE International (HAEi), HAE TrackR is an easy-to-use electronic diary designed to record patient’s HAE attacks, treatments and the impact HAE has on their life and the life of their loved ones. In its first version HAE TrackR is available in the following languages: English, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. HAE TrackR is available as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), allowing to access a secure and GDPR compliant electronic diary from any device with a standard internet browser.

HAE TrackR at a glance – Made by patients, for patients

More Info on the HAEi TrackR app here:

  • is an easy way to track attacks, treatments, and condition
  • provides both patients and physicians with a better decision foundation for planning the management of HAE
  • protects the privacy and data of the user – the data gathered by the app is the sole property of the user and is only shared if the user decides to
  • is pharma company and product neutral
  • can be accessed from its website on a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • will be available in as many languages as possible over time: currently

Download the app here:

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