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The GA2LEN | HAEi ACARE network is a joint initiative by GA²LEN, the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, and HAEi, the global umbrella organization for the world’s hereditary angioedema patient groups.

The ACARE program is a joint initiative by GA²LEN and HAE International (HAEi) for developing and accrediting an interactive network of centers of reference and excellence in angioedema. Angioedema is a common and debilitating condition and can be a challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially when recurrent.

The main aims of the GA²LEN | HAEi angioedema centers of reference and excellence (ACARE) program and network:

  • provide excellence in angioedema management

  • increase the knowledge of angioedema by research and education

  • promote the awareness of angioedema by advocacy activities.

  • broaden access to modern HAE medicines in countries where they are available

  • make concerted and systematic efforts to bring modern medicines to countries where there are none

Increase of the quality of life and information exchange worldwide

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