“Power of Prophylaxis” (POP) was a three-part international live webinar series on the burden of HAE, the goals of treatment, and the role and importance of prophylaxis. The aim of this webinar series was to discuss the impact of HAE on patients and their families, the goals of HAE treatment and guideline recommendations, strategies for
assessing and responding to treatment needs, and the tools that can help. In addition, the webinars reviewed the effectiveness and safety of prophylactic treatment options and shared real-life experiences.

Scientific director: Marcus Maurer
Guest appearances by HAEi leadership: Anthony J. Castaldo and Henrik Balle Boysen
Technical agency: Materia Prima srl
Sponsored by Takeda

Power of Prophylaxis 1 – November 2020

171 participants
39 countries

The Power of Prophylaxis 2 – January 2021

172 participants

32 countries

The Power of Prophylaxis 3 – February 2021

116 participants

32 countries