Published On: September 1, 2023Categories: Podcasts
Welcome to our first episode of the All Things Angioedema – Learning about Angioedema with Dr. Thomas Buttgereit Podcast
Dr Thomas Buttgereit welcomes the renowned urticaria specialist, Professor Marcus Maurer. Professor Maurer is the founding force behind both ACARE and UCARE, and spearheads the popular podcast, All Things Urticaria. The pair delve into the significance of angioedema across all areas of medicine and offer insights into the role and responsibilities of angioedemologists. They also shed light on the complexities of tackling angioedema, highlighting the invaluable role of the ACARE global network in tackling these challenges.
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For more information about the GA²LEN ACARE network and its activities please visit the ACARE homepage.. Additional resources relating to the topics discussed in this episode can be found here: Definition, aims, and implementation of GA2LEN/HAEi Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence.

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