GA²LEN, the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (link) was created to combat fragmentation in the European research area, ensuring excellence in EU allergy and asthma research by bringing together institutions and researchers from across the EU. The network notably put in place centralized structures and an office overseeing the multiple assets in knowledge in the different GA²LEN partners, enabling them to optimally synchronize their research efforts.

GA²LEN is now recognized worldwide as the EU’s groundbreaking allergy organization.

GA²LEN’s vision is further reduce the burden of allergic diseases in Europe by improving the health of European Citizens with allergic diseases; increasing the competitiveness and boosting the innovative capacity of EU health-related industries and businesses while addressing health issues including emerging allergies.

To this end GA²LEN has launched a program for the development, interaction and accreditation of centers of reference and excellence in special areas of allergy. These centers are specialized in

Urticaria (UCARE)

Atopic Dermatitis (ADCARE)

Anaphylaxis (ANACARE)

Allergic Rhinitis (ARIACARE)


ACARE was launched in late 2019, together with HAEi. Angioedema is a common and debilitating condition that can be a challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially when recurrent. Centers of reference and excellence in angioedema (ACAREs) can help to improve the management of hard-to-treat conditions such as angioedema.

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The main aims of GA²LEN ACAREs are to provide excellence in angioedema management, to increase the knowledge of angioedema by research and education, and to promote the awareness of angioedema by advocacy activities in cooperation with our partner HAEi.

To this end, ACARE has launched physician education programs such as the Make a Difference webinars and the INTERACT Preceptorships, while HAEi offers many different resources for patient education and advocacy.

Meet the ACARE Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer – Germany

Prof. Dr. Marcus Magerl – Germany

Prof. Dr. Henriette Farkas – Hungary

Prof. Dr. Anete S. Grumach – Brazil

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