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The GA2LEN | HAEi ACARE network is a joint initiative by GA²LEN, the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, and HAEi, the global umbrella organization for the world’s hereditary angioedema patient groups.

The ACARE program is a joint initiative by GA²LEN and HAE International (HAEi) for developing and accrediting an interactive network of centers of reference and excellence in angioedema. Angioedema is a common and debilitating condition and can be a challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially when recurrent.

The main aims of the GA²LEN | HAEi angioedema centers of reference and excellence (ACARE) program and network:

  • provide excellence in angioedema management

  • increase the knowledge of angioedema by research and education

  • promote the awareness of angioedema by advocacy activities.

  • broaden access to modern HAE medicines in countries where they are available

  • make concerted and systematic efforts to bring modern medicines to countries where there are none

Increase of the quality of life and information exchange worldwide

Latest News

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COVID-19 and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Dear angioedema patients,   Over the past couple of days, many of you had questions for us regarding recurrent angioedema and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Does recurrent angioedema come with an increased risk of infection? Is COVID-19 more severe in patients...