Published On: November 8, 2023Categories: Podcasts

Join Dr Andrea Zanichelli and Dr Thomas Buttgereit as they discuss complex angioedema cases, including acquired angioedema diagnosed in later life. Drawing from his perspective as Head of the Angioedema Center in Milan, Italy, Dr Zanichelli explores how C1 and C4 inhibitor deficiencies may indicate a possible acquired angioedema diagnosis, common comorbidities due to this condition, and the current treatment options available.

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For more information about the GA2LEN ACARE network and its activities please visit Additional resources relating to the topics discussed in this episode can be found here: Diagnosis, course, and management of angioedema in patients with acquired C1-inhibitor deficiencyA nationwide study of acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency in France: characteristics and treatment responses in 92 patientsIcatibant treatment for acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency: a real-world observational studyAcquired C1-inhibitor deficiency and lymphoproliferative disorders: a tight relationship and Splenic marginal zone lymphomas in acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency: clinical and molecular characterization.

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